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Drink it cool &
save electricity

Clever: With the BIERSAFE
you save up to 80€
electricity costs a year.

Let’s be honest: The BIERSAFE is a gadget that’s fun! You will never forget the looks of your friends, when you first conjure up beer out of the ground. And you will experience this over and over again. BUT: With a BIERSAFE you’re also actively doing something for a sustainable lifestyle.

Many of us use old refrigerators in basements, garages or tool sheds, which consume a lot of energy even though they’re only used for the cooling of beer or other drinks. It doesn’t have to be like that! With the help of the practical BIERSAFE you can get rid of your old equipment and additionally safe up to 80€ of energy costs a year.

With the BIERSAFE the comfort doesn’t miss out either: Instead of stuffing your regular refrigerator in the kitchen with beer and having to walk back and forth nonstop to get new ones, you have the beer exactly where you drink it: In the garden!

  • save electricity
  • drinks where you drink them
  • more room in the kitchen refrigerator

The BIERSAFE installation

Almost as easy as drinking beer

Safety instructions

  • Before drilling the burrow: Make sure there are no cables or lines laid: Electric shock – danger!
  • Always close the underground tube with the provided cover: An open underground tube is a tripping hazard and a grave for small animals.
  • Back therapy training: Always lift the weight of a BIERSAFE with your legs and not with a buckled back. Lift the frame straight and perpendicular out of the pipe, don’t cant it.
  • Keep unmounted BIERSAFE material away from children.

Version “hand-auger”

With the help of a hand-auger you can drill the convenient hole independently. But for that you need a drill extension to 110cm drilling depth, because standard drills stop at 80cm depth.

This effective version takes only 20-30 minutes and presupposes a normal nature of the ground.
The drill also works through stony and tight soil with roots. Thicker stones can be loosened and removed with the wobble-technique (strongly wobble the shaft while twisting and drilling). To relieve the first twists of the hand drilling, the drilling person can stand on a podium (for example a reverse beer crate) to have a better drill contact pressure. Furthermore a wheel barrow for the ca. 50kg earth excavation should be available. Afterwards press the underground tube in the drilled hole. Do it with slight to medium pressure (don’t do it with force). If the ground is tight or clayey, remove more earth from the side walls. After you sank in the underground tube, fill possible outer gaps with earth. Don’t forget the coverage!

Version “spade”

With the spade dig a depression which will be filled up around after the use of the BIERSAFE. The depression should be 110cm deep at the deepest spot. Because of the high excavation volume the depression involves a bigger effort for the client.

Version “external commissioning”

Ask for the service of the drilling from a specialist (for example gardening and landscape building, well driller or fence builder). Mention the required size of the hole in any case: Diameter: 20cm, depth: 110cm. You will avoid expensive surprises.

Option: Borrowing a hand-auger

We lend the auger together with the extension for the independent installation of the BIERSAFE. Order it without complications and after the use just send it back to us, exempt from charges.

  1. Next to the desired BIERSAFE the client also buys a hand drill (used and well maintained) with a T-bar extension inclusive.
  2. Shipping (via DHL) of the BIERSAFE and drill to the customer (Keep the packaging/box in any case)
  3. After receiving the product: Customer drills the BIERSAFE hole
  4. After sinking the BIERSAFE: Disclaimer of the drill purchase by the customer (written via email, fax, letter) MORE INFORMATION
  5. Reuse the original packaging and stick the provided retour label on it
  6. Transfer the retour package to DHL
  7. After receiving the retour package: Refund of the drill purchasing price minus rental fee(charge depends on loan period; see charge list)

The charges for the hand drill are based upon the loan period.

  • 1-7 days = 20€
  • 8-14 days = 25€
  • 15 days and more = right of rescission becomes void and the drill passes into possession of the client

The loan period starts/ends at the day of the delivery referred to DHL – shipment tracking.

Tips &

The BIERSAFE is seasonally all year!

With a few simple tips and tricks you get the best out for your
BIERSAFE – in the truest sense of the word. And not only in summer!

The BIERSAFE in summer

When the summer is hot you can support the cooling effect with different tricks:

  • By watering the BIERSAFE the cooling effect increases. For that just generously moisturize the directly surrounding ground (ca 3-5 big watering cans).
  • A direct watering of the underground chamber is possible too. Please consider that the water might only drain away very slowly through the perforated cylinder bottom.
  • Filled in ice cubes make it extremely cool of course.
  • For an optimal result use the night cooling effect and load the BIERSAFE in the night before!

The BIERSAFE in winter

The three lower levels of the BIERSAFE can stay loaded even in frosty times. If it gets too cold to leave the beer crate outside, the BIERSAFE offers protection from the cold.

The cleaning

The frame can be spray-washed with water without any difficulty. To clean the underground tube, simply take a camp cloth, bind it around a broom stick and wipe out the pipe. If necessary suck dammed cleaning water out with the help of a drill pump or a wet / dry cleaner.

Tip: A rusting on the crown cap can occur, if the bottles are stored in the BIERSAFE for a longer period (>four weeks). This doesn’t do any harm to the inside of the bottle.

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