BIERSAFE coverage “Tarnkappe” with artificial turf


The camouflage for your earth-cooling BERSAFE in lawns. Made of high quality artificial turf with deceptively real look. Fits all BIERSAFE models.

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Put this cover on your BERSAFE and the camouflage is perfect.

The plastic stopper for the BIERSAFE tube is covered with a high-quality artificial turf and thus ensures perfect camouflage within a lawn. So the beer is “safe” from thirsty friends and neighbors!

The “magic cap” fits all BIERSAFE models.

The high-quality material looks deceptively real and withstands all weather conditions without problems.



  • Plastic (PVC)


  • ca. 20 cm (D) x 5 cm (H)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x BIERSAFE artificial turf coverage “Tarnkappe”


Note: To avoid damage, remove the cover before mowing the lawn!

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