Bottle opener for the wall with crazy magnet trap


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Opening a bottle has never been that much fun!

This crazy bottle opener for the wall delights every user even before the first sip: First a whiz when you open the bottle and right after that a ticktack, because the falling crown cap gets sucked in by the strong fishing magnet: This magnet trap draws in up to umpteen crown caps after opening the bottle. The separating can happen by the simple tilting of the tin-plate sign – so no annoying peeling!
The installation is easy, only 4 small drill holes are necessary.

Watch out: The Fishing magnet has an enormous adhesive force and isn’t a toy for children, only for adults!

The neodymium magnet can hold up to 200kg and is dangerous when handled wrong.

For example: Danger of crushing, so please !!! read the attached safety instructions !!!

Information about production: Handcraft “Made in Germany”!

Length: 25cm, width: 25cm, Distance from wall: ca 4cm

Scope of delivery:
1 bottle opener for the wall “OPEN HERE”, neodymium fishing magnet / power to 200kg, stainless steel cover plate, screws and screw anchors

Material details:
Bottle opener made out of cast iron, neodymium fishing magnet (to 200kg), stainless steel cover plate in 1,5mm.


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