Hand-drill with extension (new, unused)


This hand-drill is not only suited for installation of the BIERSAFE, of course!

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Many customers who used our rental service were so enthusiastic about the drill that they did not want to give it up anymore. In addition, unfortunately we can only offer our rental service within Germany.

Therefore, we now offer our special drill for sale. So everybody has the chance to get (and keep) our drill.

The drill is manufactured according to our individual requirements. Due to the special construction, it differs from a conventional auger. Of course, it is not only suitable for BIERSAFE installation but can also be used for a wide range of applications and outdoor projects, such as foundations for fences, climbing frames, swings, ….

The BIERSAFE sinking takes place with the aid of the ground hole drill including the T-piece extension.

The T-piece extension allows a hole depth of up to 1.10 meters (excavation up to yellow mark!).
The assembly of T-piece + drill element is carried out by means of the 2 enclosed M6 wing screws. Of course, the drill also works without using the T-piece.

High-quality handmade “Made in Germany”.

Compared to the drills from our rental, this, of course, is a new and unused article.

Further information and safety information under “Information & Installation”


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